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The Philippines Today
By: Brian Burce
            We Filipinos had exercised our right to vote the officials whom we can trust and will help us improve the economic status. Nevertheless, were there changes?
            At this point in time, Philippines deals with 2007 mid-term election. Now is the time that the politicians burst their desire t the people; to have votes. It is sad to my part that the election here in our country is not the same with the other countries. It will never be peaceful someday for the same characteristics of political upheavals in three decades ago. As I view now, the propaganda of the candidates emerge. The campaign is for money and popularity. Money for the reason it is a part of strategies of the candidates. And, popularity for the actors and actresses who are running for the position. Now, we can hear and see from the media the bombarded conversation between administration party and opposition party. We are also fraud the same people who we know have been robbed while dangling promises into their faces.
            The extra judicial killing in our country has proven by the UN; the high crime rates that certainly causes of the entire populace and the issue of the big people still exist.
            Where is the Philippines now? What future do we await? Where are the people whom we expect to solve these problems?

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Are You in Favor of BSIT Elimination?



    Though it's a way of having a basis of determining competitive student, I still beg to disagree because BSIT students are the pioneer. It's Okay to have an elimination on the next batch.

                                                                           -- mythbreaker 


     Ahm... as for me I'm not in favor of the said elimination, but if the decision is to have an elimination, I will do my best not to be eliminated.

                                                                           -- Drame_101


      I'm not in Favor. Masasayang lang ang nasimulan namin.

                                                                            -- syl

     As for our case the first batch, it would be better if there will be no elimination. Teachers must also do their best so that the students will also be good.

                                                                            -- DePreSsioN

     Of course not! BSIT students should be given a chance to continue the course because they are pioneers.  It is a shameful not only to student, but also to school.

                                                                            -- hexx

     I'm not really in favor of it because BSIT students are the pioneering batch but if it is for having a good basis(competent graduates), they deal for it.

                                                                            -- 11TI


      It depends because BSIT students can never rely the time in staying at their Alma Mater. All they have to do is to cope the lessons.

                                                                            -- RoUtiNe12

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