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Masking When You're Trembling

              Pubic speaking ranked second of student's greatest fears. To look more poised during talks, try these advices:
            Practice in your bedroom, in front of the mirror, while bathing. Worried about your opening? Leave it on a voice mail to yourself. Worried about an unresponsive crowd? Rehearse at the CR, and then shout.
            To take the heat off you, make it about the listeners. Tell them what they stand to gain. Make eye contact, and toss in question to keep the busy.
            If your classmate/teacher ask you a question, step towards them, which looks strong, instead of stepping back, which looks fearful, which just looks strange. Then, in a soft voice, answer correctly their question.
            Plan a graceful escape-not giving the talk but from shaking. To close, summarize a few key points, thank the teacher and end.

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