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Sophomores Stands Out


     Sophomores shine their way to victory in the inramurals after seizing the Over-all Championship Tiitle last September 13-15,2006 at the LNU Quadrangle.

      Four competitive teams showed their determination to win, but still Sophomores shine and claim the the over-all champions.

      The Freshmen got the second place while Juniors and Seniors got  the third and fourth respectively.


 Juniors Romp Away Cheerdance

     During the cheerdance competition held at the Quadrangle, Juniors were declared  champion last September 13, 2006.

     Four teams competed in the said competition. Each team showed their determination to win but still Juniors shone.

     The Freshmen got the 2nd place; Freshmen, the 3rd place and the Seniors, 4th place.

     The said event was a success for each team remained highly spirited. 

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